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EudaOrg Software

EudaOrg offers an all-in-one platform where organisations can assess using research best practice, analyse in-depth data and insights, and efficiently action their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals with KPIs.

  • Assess your DEI needs in minutes with psychologist-created assessments

  • Analyse your DEI data in one place with automated reports and smart insights

  • Customised Action Plan with KPIs created instantly to create efficiency and drive action, with resources and education to help you stay up-to-date

About Us

EudaOrg [U-da-Org] from the Ancient Greek word 'Eudaimonia', a concept to describe the highest good humans can strive toward – or a life well lived. We help create spaces where humans can thrive.

EudaOrg was founded by psychologists with the ambition to enable all organisations to build their own uniquely inclusive environment.

Right now, DEI professionals do not have the tools they need to create real organisational change. Our software was built with this in mind.  

Our Team

We envision a world where everyone can thrive and belong at work.

Nessa is a Positive and Coaching Psychologist.

She helps run and scale our business, as well as developing our product.

Alli is an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist.

She helps build our product and assessments.

Máire's background is in tech sales and customer support.

She helps find, win and support our customers.

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