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EudaOrg is the infrastructure for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

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Empower your DEI or People Team to drive meaningful decisions by leveraging data and a thorough understanding of your organisation's current dynamics.
Data analysis and deep insights

No more siloed data, messy internal dashboards or spreadsheets to maintain

Impactful goal setting

Set DEI Goals and instantly create an Action Plan that’s unique to your business


Benchmark and understand your organisation’s DEI journey with psychology-led assessments

Data-Driven Decisions

Use your data to drive decisions and pivot when necessary


Enhance transparency by sharing progress updates with stakeholders and colleagues, while systematically organising your data to ensure compliance


All data is securely encrypted and anonymised, with user roles and permissions for maximum security

Who is EudaOrg for?



  • Embed a DEI plan quickly to avoid future culture debt
  • Share DEI plan and progress with colleagues, investors and stakeholders
  • A DEI plan, process and reporting that grows with your business

Fast Growing Companies

  • Attract talent and demonstrate your commitment to a fair and inclusive organisation
  • Utilise your data to make impactful DEI decisions
  • Get a strong reporting structure in place for compliance


  • Employ a nuanced and global approach to DEI
  • Harness in-depth insights from your data to make impactful decisions
  • Keep an audit trail of DEI activities with powerful reporting
Tech Companies
  • Attract and retain talent by easily demonstrating your DEI efforts, ongoing progress, and genuine commitment to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace  
  • Futureproof your organisation by growing a diverse workforce, crucial for innovation and adaptability in a rapidly evolving tech landscape
Universities & Educational Institutions
  • Centralise your data for streamlined reporting to assist with accreditations and to measure progress
  • Gain insights into your colleague and student population to drive targeted actions to support their needs and ensure they thrive
Pharma & Manufacturing
  • Gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent by building an authentically inclusive workplace and showcase this commitment seamlessly.
  • View and report on all aspects of your business—from interactions with colleagues, customers, to suppliers—through a DEI lens, promoting inclusivity and enhancing the overall impact of your organisation.

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