The Infrastructure for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Making the workplace fairer for all.

Our Features

A Psychology-led all-in-one solution to set, execute and monitor your data-driven diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals. No more spreadsheets, siloed data, or weeks spent building dashboards.

Understand your vision

Data Analytics

Seamlessly integrate with your People and DEI data, wherever it resides, automating analysis to unlock intelligent insights.

Image of a Dashboard with data charts
Backed by Science


Employ Psychology-led assessments to gauge your organisation’s DEI maturity and establish clear DEI goals.

Make informed decisions

Custom Action Plan

Utilise your data and best practice to auto-create a custom dynamic action plan that evolves with your organisation.

Image of an Action Plan with goals, tasks, deadlines, due dates
Visual of data in a dashboard
Share your efforts

Dynamic Reporting

Effortlessly generate comprehensive reports, empowering you to dive deep into relevant information and share insights with your stakeholders.

Ready to elevate your DEI efforts?

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Ready to see for yourself?

Attract & Retain

the best talent amid the Global Talent Shortage with an impactful DEI Action Plan.

See the impact

of your investment in DEI with in-depth reporting and analysis.

Build trust

and transparency with your colleagues with easy to share progress reports.


what your organisation really needs with data-driven DEI goals and decisions.

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How it works

Our Story

Both with backgrounds in Psychology, Nessa and Allison's paths converged while overseeing an educational consulting firm in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A shared realisation struck them: the pervasive struggle of businesses to implement inclusive policies and practices. Fueled by a desire to bridge this gap and foster diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability in business, they set out on a mission.

After hundreds of conversations with DEI professionals, Nessa and Alli, decided to leverage their collective skillset, experience, and passion for inclusion. The result? EudaOrg—an all-in-one software suite meticulously designed to embed and sustain DEI in all areas of business.

We're on a mission to revolutionise how companies perceive inclusion at work. We envision a world where everyone not only survives but thrives at work. We want to make the workplace fairer for everyone.  

EudaOrg's mission:

We want to make the workplace fairer for one million colleagues by 2026.
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